Create a robot solution in days instead of months or years

With our Modular Open Robot Platform Hardware you'll get a working mobile robot capable of navigation and 3D obstacle avoidance. The platform can be adapted to your applications needs and we can assist in rapid development of your robotic solution.

Modular Open Robot Platform Hardware

    fully modular

    from the frame to the electronics to the shell, everything is modular and can be adapted for your solution needs

    mobile robot platform supports 100KG load

    differential drive powerful robot platform

    navigation and obstacle avoidance

    SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) with obstacle avoidance powered by ROS

    Silent motors

    powerful brushless hub motors ensure silent operation without gear noise

    multiple safety features

    fused power distribution, battery protection circuits, on-board power restrictions and under voltage protection to name a few

    open technology

    no-vendor lock-in, open source software and hardware

    MORPH M1 Series standard configurations

    Start with a standard configuration or customize from scratch, it's both possible!

    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

    M1 Core Base

    For development or learning purposes the mobile base contains what you need to get started in robotics. The base can be provided with or without cover

    Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

    M1B1 butler robot

    Designed to bring your drinks or small packages, the butler robot has social interaction possibilities with integrated microphone array, touch screen and speakers

    Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

    Customized frame

    The robot can be fully adjusted to your robotic solution needs with a custom frame

    Fully modular open robot platform

    Modular and open in all aspects

    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

     Fully modular frame - modular at the core

    • The frame is built around T-slot system profiles and can be adjusted in every dimension

    • Modular system panels allows future expansion or replacement of electronics and sensors

    Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

     Fully modular Electronics

    • Increase battery capacity by adding additional battery modules

    • Add sensors depending on the application needs

    • Choose computing power according to your application needs

    • System panels with standard holes grid pattern

    • Mounting holes are threaded for easy and fast assembly also preventing issues with nuts coming loose due to vibrations

    Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

     Fully modular cover

    • The cover is designed to allow rapid small and medium scale manufacturing using rapid prototyping techniques such as 3D printing and lasercutting

    • Individual panels can be replaced easily, allowing easy changes for example to add additional sensors

    • Iterate your robot design much faster

    • The cover can be fully customized to your needs, changing dimensions, cut-outs for sensors or other features and optionally covered with a printed vinyl wrap

      Robotic services


      Rapid prototyping service

      Save time and launch your product quicker. We can help prototype your solution in our own innovation lab. We can work with partners to integrate with social robotics and other custom solutions.

      Software development

      Developing robotics software with open technology

      ROS / OpenCV / C++ / Python and more

      Support, care packages and training

      Making sure everything keeps working as needed and providing assistance when needed

      Contact us for a demo and discuss the possibilities

      We can fully customize the robot platform for your solution and optionally provide additional customized hardware and software

      Application design example: robotic butler

      Brings your drinks and food with social interaction

          Odoo image and text block

          Start with platform design

          Depending on the solution we determine start with the mobile base for the robot and determine the frame size. The standard frame supports up to four battery modules and can fit a compact computing unit powerful enough for most applications. The design is first created in CAD and validated with the customer before assembly begins.  

          To reality

          With the platform base design finished, we can start the assembly of the robot base. Because of the modular structure assembly is quick and easily changed if needed.

          Odoo text and image block
          Odoo image and text block

          Customized modular cover - start with global design

          First a global design for the robot is created. Based on the application requirements such as height and robot footprint restrictions. For the robot platform the height is chosen to be able to pick-up a tray from the top while seated at a table. Additionally a feature is added to mount a touchscreen for interaction with the robot.

          We have developed a way to create a customized modular cover which can be manufactured at small to medium scale without the huge startup cost. This way the design of your robot can be developed on a iterative basis. The basis of this design is a low-poly based 3D structure of flat panels joined by brackets. This way we can utilize rapid prototyping techniques like lasercutting, CNC-routing and 3D printing. This technique is scalable for a single or small-scale to large scale. This way the design can be tested and updated without having to spend large setup costs on other manufacturing techniques.

          Customize: add sensors and touchscreen

          Customizations can be applied to the global design, such as cut-outs for sensors or touchscreen. With our generative CAD software the design for panels and brackets are generated.


          Odoo text and image block
          Odoo text and image block

          A first prototype

          The panels can be cut using a lasercutter or CNC machine. Brackets are 3D printed and an optional wrap is applied with a custom style or logo. The prototype can be created quickly without a lot of cost so you can test ideas very quickly.

          Iterate your design

          After testing you may find out you need more or different sensors. Or maybe the position of the sensors should be changed. With our modular cover you can make changes to the cover and replace individual panels without having to replace and recreate the complete cover. This saves cost and valuable time and allows you to do rapid iterative prototyping.

          Odoo image and text block
          Odoo image and text block

          Updated prototype with additional depth cameras

          For better navigation and obstacle avoidance additional depth cameras are added. This increases the field-of-view. Also a different model is selected which has an increased range of up to 20m (instead of 10m).

             A test drive at client's location


            Perception: multiple depth cameras for wide field of view

            Multiple depth cameras can be combined to create a wider field of view to improve navigation and obstacle avoidance.
            Odoo image and text block
              Odoo text and image block

              Obstacle avoidance with efficient voxel grid implementation

              Depth cameras provide a 3D view which can be used for obstacle avoidance.Even hard to detect obstacles like low horizontal parts of table legs are detected. An efficient open source voxel layer is used to allow obstacle avoidance with a high level of detail with a low CPU overhead.

                      Extend capabilities with custom hardware

                      The modular electronics allows to be extended with custom add-ons for your application

                      on-board machine learning

                      Allow on-board complex machine learning algorithms without depending on the cloud by embedding a GPU


                      Let the robot take quality pictures or video

                      thermal vision

                      Detect if someone has a fever


                      Stepper motor / brushless motor / servo with geared or belt driven mechanism

                      extended wireless

                      Expand wireless capabilities for long range reception with embedded router and 4G connection


                      Let the robot know it's position on earth

                      touch sensors

                      use touch sensors integrated in the robot instead of buttons to create a more natural human interaction

                      RGB lights

                      A visual indication of the robot state or actions

                      custom microcontroller

                      Connect any microcontroller and peripherals over USB

                      We can deliver robot platforms specific to your needs and help you develop your robotic solution

                      What will you create?

                      Almost anything is possible, just imagine the possibilities and start creating

                      Teaching platform

                      Learn robotics and apply it in real life

                      Transport robot

                      Move stuff from A to B

                      Camera robot

                      Remove surveillance, telepresence or robotic tripod / camera operator



                      Robotic waiter

                      Brings your drinks and food

                      Personal droid

                      Build your own personal assistance droid

                      Smart robotic trash container

                      Automatically moves to a central location to be emptied

                      Your magic application...

                      Focus on the your application and get your idea to reality much faster

                      Odoo image and text block
                      "We have been working with Ovo-labs on a daily basis during the last year. Roald supported us in designing an innovative prototype for a first proof of concept, based on the Ovo-labs modular robot platform. We value his technical skills in robotics  and his extensive knowledge of ROS. He showed commitment, flexibility and an open mind, which is invaluable in fast prototyping. We consider using Ovo-lab’s services  for future projects and warmly recommend it for all creative inventors." Eliza Olczyk - R&D, New Technologies Department - Schindler Elevator Corporation